Champagne on a Beer Budget

Unless your budget is unlimited, your finances play a pivotal role in your choices when you’re researching your first major show. If money isn’t a concern for you, go ahead and skip the rest of this post but if you’ve ever redirected your lunch money to cover expenses, let’s talk.

Have you got a specific event in mind? Is it a Shining Star Event? What, do you ask, is a “Shining Star Event?” Does this event offer unlimited touch points? Will the event keep you in front of your ICA? Are there pre and post show marketing opportunities? Will your efforts and talents showcase your best advantages?

How can you maximize your exposure at an event? Sponsorship, seminar attendance, supplying raffle prizes or silent auction gifts are all possibilities to maximize your exposure and networking opportunities.

Manage your brand’s identity. If this show can be considered your “grand opening”, you want to be identified as the preferred brand. What is your point of differentiation? Currently, a friend is working in the solar industry. He distinguishes himself as a solar “educator” rather than a solar “salesperson.” People remember the engagement.

When the big day arrives, arrive early and stay late. Bring enough staff to allow for shifts, breaks, workshop attendance, market research and peer visits.

Make it count!