Duck, Duck, Goose

Your event date is quickly approaching and it’s time to spread the word. Take advantage of all the resources that you have available to you. Social media groups and email lists are a great place to start but don’t limit yourself to those avenues. Tell your neighbors and clients that you have an upcoming event that they might be interested in. Mention it to sales prospects and strategic alliances. What better way to get to know you or your service before buying or signing a contract? If they can’t attend, they might mention it to a colleague or acquaintance. Use global membership associations such as BNI® to increase your sphere of influence nationally or worldwide. Reach out to local chapters to let them know you’ll be in the area.

Remember to clear your calendar for the day before and after a show. Ahead of the show you may want to work on fine tuning your visuals or presentation details. Once its over, allow yourself a day of recovery for a job well done before you start your follow up. Be sure to enlist enough help in advance to support your planning, event strategies, calls to actions and follow up.

A journal is a useful resource when you’re making a decision to repeat an event or sponsorship. A few notes made during a show can be a good reminder of what not to do.

Ready, Set, Go!

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